Wed. 3rd. June Pollo a los citricos con condimentos mexicanos

Post date: May 31, 2015 7:02:42 PM

This time we bring you a dish that you're unlikely to find in a restaurant, even in Mexico, as this is one of many other dishes that are though to be best prepared at home.

The dish consists of roasted chicken accompanied with potatoes and carrots, all marinated in a citric sauce and seasoned with diverse spices that include mole. Lettuce salad will be provided.

This dish is not spicy, but hot chili sauce will be available.

Price: 18 CHF

Order till: Tuesday 2nd. noon.

Delivery: Wednesday 3rd. June noon.

Anonymous Poll

Sometimes we feel price is a limitation for us to propose new dishes that are definitively tasty and worth a try, but rather expensive as they are labor intensive or use costly ingredients.

For next week we could offer a dish mostly made out of beef and imported nopales (cactus stripes) for 25 CHF, but are unsure whether anyone would order it. Please reply to the following anonymous question: