Thursday December 15th Sopes

Post date: Dec 11, 2016 7:50:25 PM

A sope is a traditional Mexican dish which at first sight looks like an unusually thick tortilla with vegetables and other toppings. The base is made from a circle of fried masa of ground maize soaked in lime (also used as the basis for tamales and tortillas) with pinched sides. This is then topped with refried black beans and crumbled cheese, lettuce, sauce and acidified cream.

For this delivery you can order regular sopes, or with picadillo (ground meat, carrots and potatoes) topping.

Sopes are hand made and work intensive food items, thus you are not very likely to find them in restaurants outside Mexico.

Order till: Wed. December 14th

Delivery: Thu. December 15th

Recommended serving: 1 to taste, 5 for a big appetite

Price (veggie): 5 CHF each piece

Price (meat): 6.5 CHF each piece