Thursday 19th November Tacos al pastor

Post date: Nov 15, 2015 1:38:42 PM

This delivery will bring an street food classic: tacos al pastor, or tacos in the style of the shepherd, a far flung variation of Shawarma made from pork. You would usually have an order of tacos in a Mexico City sidewalk late on a Friday evening.

This time we'll have la patrona herself on tour preparing the tacos for you. Besides tortilla and marinated meat, side ingredients will be provided: coriander, lime, onion, pineapple and beans.

A vegetarian version made out of soy is also available.

Order till: Wed. 18th. November, noon

Delivery: Thu. 19th. November, noon


    • 1 meat taco: 7 CHF

    • 3 meat tacos: 19 CHF

    • 1 vegetarian taco: 5 CHF

    • 3 vegetarian tacos: 13 CHF