Thu. November 15th Tacos de Canasta

Post date: Nov 11, 2018 6:36:02 PM

This is one of the many variations of tacos, last seen at the Webrepublic on June 2014. It is what many factory workers used to eat sitting on a sidewalk of Mexico City at lunch time, true working class food yet tasty.

The fillings will be potato with chorizo, cochinita pibil(pork with spices), or beans' mousse (vegetarian).

The only side is hot sauce.

Resultado de imagen de tacos de canasta

Price each taco: 3.5 CHF

Price 5 tacos: 15 CHF

Recommended serving: 2 to taste, 5 for a regular meal.

Order till: Wednesday November 14th

Delivery: Thursday November 15th