Th. 23rd February Tortitas de carne

Post date: Feb 20, 2017 7:38:18 AM

This is a dish that you'll rarely find in a restaurant, as it's typically "food made at home". Little cakes made out of shredded beef meat (Fleischstreifen) -not to be confused with ground beef (Hackfleisch)- and eggs dipped in red sauce and served with potatoes, green beans and rice.

The tortitas are hand made out of beef, making this recipe somehow more expensive to prepare, hence the price.

Cost regular: 23 CHF with 4 tortitas

Cost small portion: 18 CHF with 3 tortitas

Cost taster portion: 12.5 CHF with 2 tortitas

Order till: Wednesday 22nd February

Delivery: Thursday 23rd February