Th. 11th June Tortitas de carne con nopales

Post date: Jun 7, 2015 1:09:32 PM

Meet one of the icons of Mexico: the Nopal plant, a type of cactus deeply ingrained in the Mexican cuisine and culture, in such a degree that it is displayed in the National flag. Prehispanic cultures were probably eating nopales while Charlemagne was building his empire.

Nopales will be served in stripes, accentuating the flavor of beef and egg cakes (tortitas), all in an slightly spicy and sour sauce, accompanied with rice.

Nopal stripes are imported from Mexico, while the tortitas are hand made out of beef, making this dish somehow more expensive to prepare, hence the price.

Cost regular: 23 CHF with 4 tortitas

Cost small portion: 18 CHF with 3 tortitas

Cost taster portion: 12.5 CHF with 2 tortitas

Order till: Wednesday 10th June

Delivery: Thursday 11th June