2nd update help for Mexico

Post date: Oct 10, 2017 8:48:42 AM

This is just to show you how appreciated your help was.

It was harder than initially thought to get photos from people affected by the earthquake. It's quite understandable many of them wish not to be depicted in (social) media in the conditions they are.

A young boy living with his family in a tent. Notice the man in the background, sleeping because he's still working the graveyard shift.

An old lady receiving a bag of WR Swag.

This woman says thank you from the tent she's living in.

Another lady sends her greetings.

This is how plenty of houses are. In many cases they didn't completely crumble down, but are any way inhabitable:

And here's how many people are living. What you see on the floor of this picture is all that family owns now:

Some of us do camping for fun, but they are forced to it:

Here are some products they received. Basic items such as underwear, cleaning and hygiene supplies:

Yes, many people donate clothes, but second hand underwear is definitely out of question.