Code Samples


An application I started some months ago to tease the Django framework. It is far from being complete, but reflects my familiarity with the Django framework. The functional purpose of the small system is to create grocery inventories and shopping lists. On the technical side the most recent changes include HTML5 page structure and JQuery DOM manipulation.


This web pages are snapshots of the inventory2share app,that can be seen as sample of Javascript/JQuery code created by me. Functionally they aim to ease the creation of a Shopping list and home groceries inventories. Links:

Jython testing Proof of Concept (jython_testing_poc)

An existing Mobile Web Application is to be accessed from a wide range of clients. For technical reasons the response is not the same for every request, because many factors are to be considered when serving content: platform (Android, Blackberry, etc), screen size, supported MIME types, client version, subscription status, etc. Manually testing all possible scenarios is time consuming and error prone, therefore a program had to be created to cover many of the common scenarios that can be automatically tested. I came out with the following solutions:

Jython plus the HTTPUnit Library (Proof of concept). A strong candidate as we could exploit a very stable and up to date library with the expressive power of Jython. Python plus Twill. The winning solution. The code base was 100% Python and maintainability was the deciding factor on the decision: the addition of a new technology (Jython) would increase the learning curve if new staff was incorporated to the project. This code is proprietary and cannot be disclosed.

REST Web Services (lang_detect)

Another proof of concept to evaluate a REST web services framework (wsgiservice) for possible adoption in future releases.


I've been recently dusting out the classical Data Structures. This are the programs I created, along with their respective unit tests.


Implementation of some GoF design patterns created for training sessions at the National University of Mexico.

Roger's urMusic

Online music shop from Rogers Communications, one of the biggest Mobile Carriers in Canada. Created in a team of 2 people from the ground up using CSS, XHTML and JQuery in the Front end. 

Please notice that access is limited to Canada and some develoment and testing regions (i.e. Basel), so there's a high possibility that you will be unable to correctly open the page.

Update: The urMusic platform has reached the end of its life cycle and is probably due to be taken down in the near future.

A word about collaboration with the open source community

Some years ago I founded the Python Mexico Community, which at the moment has a more than 200 registered members. The focus of the group was not in contributing to specific products but rather to raise awareness of the power of the Python language and to create learning documents in Spanish (English versions came later). Some of those created by me are still available in the community's Wiki:

The original versions in English can be found here:

I also post Python solutions to my Blog on a regular basis:

Getting the code

From Github:
git clone

You can also download the code as a zip file from

Magnolia CMS

Some contributions I've done to open source Magnolia CMS project are available at its Git server: